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Preventing Eventual American Sharia (satire)

“Look at these concepts of the Trinity, Original Sin, Sacrifice and Redemption, which are agreeable neither to reason nor to conscience. Look at this capitalism with its monopolies, its usury and whatever else is unjust in it; at this individual freedom, devoid of human sympathy and responsibility for relatives except under the force of law; at this materialistic attitude which deadens the spirit; at this behaviour, like animals, which you call 'Free mixing of the sexes’ at this vulgarity which you call 'emancipation of women,' at these unfair and cumbersome laws of marriage and divorce, which are contrary to the demands of practical life; and at Islam, with its logic, beauty, humanity and happiness, which reaches the horizons to which man strives but does not reach. It is a practical way of life and its solutions are based on the foundation of the wholesome nature of man.” --- Sayyid Qutb, Milestones

This entreaty to Americans fell on deaf ears.

The Christians cannot save America because of the compromise made in accepting the separation of Church and State.

As well, although the Bill of Rights supports religious freedom, the First and Second Amendment states that a well armed militia must be peaceable in exercising their right to bear arms. This prevents seditious acts of treason and makes illegal incidents by Christian terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh.

Thus, there will not be a Christian "revolution" fighting for "freedom" because of the separation of Church and State.

Likewise, terrorism on US soil will not be the way of Muslim dissidents in America, because of the freedom and liberty given to the People.

Instead, American Islam will use Communist tactics to become acceptable to Americans. Islamophobia will be litigated when it become slanderous.

If Sharia does appear, then it will be an American Sharia --- and thus a compromise --- between the spiritually ignorant secularism prevalent in America and Islam but a temporary compromise until the negative aspects of Sharia are muted.

There will also be a large education of the masses about Islam to counter the blatant Islamophobia of the rightists.

Thus Islam will become another tool of the New Left, even though it will look like New Left to the average American.

An example of this will be anti-Semitic smears of Israel and New Left rhetoric that pretends to be political dialog but is actually a form of bullying.

Eventually, the New Left will accept a form of Sharia amenable to their American sensitivities about peace, justice and liberty.

However, the Islamophobes will publish propaganda stating otherwise.

One day there will be a Muslim President who might be from the Middle East. However, a civil war will follow his assassination by Islamophobe militants. By then 25 percent of all Americans are Muslim and growing. They will form a jihadi group to bring freedom to America.

If the Islamophobes wish to prevent this scenario, then they need to dialog with Muslims instead of offending them. They need to condemn violence of all kinds, and ensure a well armed militia remains peaceable. This will involve American Muslims buying dogs to fit in, watching American football and living the American dream alongside Americans of all walks of life.

If you wish to prevent Sharia from coming to America, then you cannot do it by demonizing Muslims but by educating yourself about what Islam really means. If it means religious pluralism, then that's better than being the ignorant mob that Islamophobes are now.

American Sharia is not an end result of interfaith dialog. Rather, it is the result of the current detent. Indeed, it is the result of Islamophobia.

For what you fear will come to pass, but to prevent that kind of future, it is of essence to Americans to hug their Muslim neighbours and befriend them.

Ironically, this is also jihad but it arises out of a meeting of minds, not phobia.

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