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Everyday is Armistice (satire)

It is a big coincidence I was born on Armistice Day (Nov.11). While I'm thankful for the Allieds winning the Great War, the causes of World War 1 were imperialism, militarism and nationalism going back to the 1870s.

In the uneasy peace that followed Armistice in 1918, peace prevailed only to have militarism arise again, leading to World War 2 with Germany and later Japan entering the war.

In Japan's case, the peace-loving government was replaced through assassinations by young military officers with militarists between World War 1 and World War 2. This led to Japan's role as aggressor in Asia, which to this day is propagandized by China and South Korea, despite the fact that most Asians are peace-loving.

Today, it is unlikely there will be another world war.

While there may be minor wars such as the crises in Africa since 1947, Israel -Palestinian conflict, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Ukraine, and the like, most nations know that total war is a costly prospect.

Even though I have stated that the Islamic State should be bombed into submission, it is an impossible act of war that would offend the Arab League. Therefore I am retracting that statement because it was an off-the-cuff response based on a distaste for violent Islamist and especially Jihadist conflict, which violates the message of peace and submission in Islam.

For I believe in peace and nonviolence, and loathe Jihadi warfare because its sharia makes a mockery of Islam.

However, Islam is not the cause of 911. Rather, it was due to the inaction of supposedly great men who failed to act when they were warned. Even Afghan and Iraq conflicts happen because these same men fail to act in the name of peace and non-violence.

True, the West claims to act in the name of democracy, but when forced on a people, only anarchy will result. This is true for the Middle East, the Ukraine, Sudan, and Nigeria as it is for the West.

While I know that my love of peace and nonviolence cannot effect world peace, I know that it affects my life greatly, much more than the same old story since Armistice Day in 1918. Instead, I vow to make every day my armistice day from this day forward, while I briefly and silently mourn for lives lost in conflicts around the world...

When my birthday comes, hopefully the karma of my statement of peace and nonviolence will bear fruit.

Love, peace, respect, and solidarity to all likeminded people.

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