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Fear Only God, Not Worldliness Nor Even the Devil (satire)

Worldliness, the enemy of Christendom, is benign, despite the fear of men, women and children who grew up with a love for God and his Only Begotten.

Yet, imagine for a moment that worldliness is not the enemy, but is the mean by which individuals learn that only God is the author of good and evil.

All satan is is the accuser, the adversary, and the poor foolish creation of God who has blackened the light and covered it with selfishness and all the worldly temptations that befall mankind.

Thus, why fear the devil? It is best to only fear God and respect him because we have overcome that fear by His grace and mercy, and our sins forgiven due to his Son's sacrifice.

Indeed, fear only God. All the devil is good for is to laugh at until he retreats. For he who fears God respects him. Let laughter chase the devil away.

Without satan, worldliness is not temptation but inspiration to choose the Christ, rather than commit the unpardonable sin, apostasy and the forgetting of God.

Yet he who chooses poverty over wealth and obscurity over fame walks the meek path, free from all temptation. Though he may covet worldliness, this man knows God is great and his Only Begotten the light that frees all who follow Him.

When we follow the Christ, all worldliness is is temptation to which we cry "Get thee behind me, satan" before we claim what was a part of God's creation which was lost to us and now has found its way back to consecration.

What power does worldliness have that men, women and children choose its treasure, and forget God, only to awaken in old age, miserable and alone? If we covet any part of it, then we might be lost until we repent and return to God through the power of love unconditional that God sent the Christ to us.

No enemy then is worldliness — a meddlesome irritation that distracts us from the path towards perfect.

For His love is free from human conditions and His mercy allows the faithful to follow Him.

To those Christians who say the Word shows us satan is all powerful, what diabolical lies are you peddling? This subtle devil worship that a Christian might practice when he claims "the Devil exists" to instill fear in the hearts of his fellow men is blasphemy.

Only God shall you fear out of respect for his power, and the devil is impotent in the face of laughter of God's people. You can serve only one Master, and He shall return one day. Thus the devil is unreal and unworthy of our fear.

I say this in Jesus' name that only God shall be worshiped, his Only Begotten Son being the Christ who has bound the devil so he only tempts all of us, some more than others. They who say satan is unbound only have a difference of opinion, and the touch of fear mongering so that they may control their flocks.

As with worldliness, the devil is not as big an enemy as our true selves. Why else is Jesus Christ all of Christendom's friend?

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