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Mean Well (satire)

Whenever I feel that the advice and support of a well meaning friend is too much, I stop and ask myself the following questions...

What if it turned out I were getting the best advice by people who actually care about me? Could I forgive them for sometimes sounding me when they are only preparing me for real life?

If we walked around with our butts hurt over the rudeness of others, then this would be a miserable existence.

Well meaning people are only trying to cut through the passiveness that a person demonstrates in order please parents and teachers.

That kind of stuff will not get you hired to work. Even when you get a job, you shall have to persevere to keep it.

In the real world, work consists of a lot of drudgery and little accolades. Nobody cares about you until they actually need you for a brief moment.

So I am quiet about accomplishments like being about to enjoy the bitter cold because I am not standing around thinking it's cold.

Instead I am walking around to keep warm, putting up with rich people. By trying to do my job, rather than be a people person with a crowd that is moderately dysfunctional, I am thankful to know that Western society values individualism yet provides rules to make society function, often at odds with each citizen's right to be free.

However, you might get lucky and get a cushy job that pays well -- but requires less time on the computer and surfing the Internet.

Your priorities shall change. Adult life is fun only if you desire to fit in. That means you have to be a team player, and not be a mere observer of life. For you too can live the well lived life.

I mean well by writing this unasked advice. Yet life is not supposed to be easy.

So deal with it.

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