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Karma of The Christ (prayer)

Lord, have mercy on this sinner!
Let it be known to they who have ears:
He that wishes hellfire on unbelievers
The devil tempted, but he alone errs.
He that practices mercy like God,
The Christ he follows faithfully.
Truly then are the merciful of men
The most divine of humanity, not
Unlike the Only Begotten — none
Dare accuse them of wrongdoing.
For it is not up to us to judge
Lest we be judged according to His will.
All that believe in God Almighty,
Be they Christian, Jew or Muslim,
By their acts they be judged by Him,
And those that err shall be shown
Mercy, being offered their last chance.
When that time comes, they who choose
The Millennium shall not know death,
And they who choose to be purged
Will only return to the Godhead
Until their glory is revealed.
If this is heterodox to the doctrines
Of Abrahamic faiths, be they Christian,
Jewish or Muslim, then your doctrine is pure.
If what is written here as prayer is heretical
In the eyes of the devout, be they Muslim,
Jewish or Christian, then your doctrine is corrupt.
Be ye silent, yet pray for my soul,
'Tis because of thy wish that is founded
On false doctrine about "hellfire and brimstone",
And the destruction of evil by its Author.
Indeed, the doctrine that God, the Author
Of good and evil, shall destroy all evil
So that only good remains is an unbalanced one
Created by cult members for the sake of control
Over the followers of such obscene doctrine.
Instead, hellfire cleans away all evil,
Leaving only the immortal soul behind
To be embraced by the Only Begotten,
Made one with God Almighty,
And touched by the Holy Ghost.
What is revealed is the truth
In the name of the Lord!

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