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Satan as Superstition (satire)

Contrary to a few of Christendom's arrogant posture that their faith is based on a new offshoot of Judaism lacking true syncretism, the assimilation of local traditions into Catholicism is nothing more than syncretism in which the early Church absorbed pagan traditions and remade the gods in God's image as angels, demons and Satan.

However, Satan is a tempter who has no real power, except through people aligned with the dark side of human nature.

Ergo, absolute evil and absolute good never existed before mankind thought them up, given that, according to the Bible, God is the sole author of good-and-evil.

Satan is not real. Rather, superstitious fear of the devil is the most diabolical of what man has wrought on innocents.

It has led to witch hunts from the 15th Century up until the 19th Century, and sometimes occurs in the Old World.

In the name of religion, socio-political turmoil, Catholic versus Protestant conflict, functional explanations, class conflict and gender conflict better explain what really happened in those times. Men relied on their prejudices and fears stoked by religious excess to oppress other men, women and children.

Today, few people believe Satan is real, and most of us know he is not a real being. Indeed, he has no physical power in the material realm at all, being merely a metaphor for the potential of great evil, just as God is the metaphor for the potential of great good in us all.


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