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The Folly of Offering a Spiritual Cure for Addiction

Last night at work, I spotted members of the local church holding an addiction seminar at the recreation center.

This church offers the cure of Jesus Christ for addictions.

Sadly they brought pamphlets, which would lead to pollution so I threw the four that I found in the nearest garbage can.

IMHO the cure for addiction is to be of service to other people. Even keeping the earth green is a higher calling. Yet a religious organization that is not eco-friendly is not keeping the earth that God created clean.

That these church members don't get this shows that their cure is merely a substitution of a deadly addiction with godliness and its potential to be abused.

All the paper pollution that these ex-addicts left behind show that they are the road to a spiritual addiction which will blind them to true service to their fellow mankind.

For godly people are sorely tempted to consider themselves better than a sinner who abases himself by praying meekly, "Lord, have mercy on me a sinner."

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