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Fear is my Constant Companion (poem)

Fear is my constant companion,
A treasured friend that comes to my aid,
To help me realize that with wisdom
And understanding, I may choose kindness
And develop companionship with new friends.
For it is not fear that drives me away from
Society, but the wish to be left alone to
Think my own thoughts in solitude.
Fear is not anxiety, nor is it anger.
It inspires kindness toward other people.
They who deride this wisdom know not
Fear to be their friend but an enemy.
How foolish it is to fight against fear;
That path only leads to a legion of fears
To arise with the solution forgotten.
To make peace with thyself and conquer fear
Is the foolhardy choice of the fearful.
It is best to watch where the fear has gone,
For it shall return with the fruits of experience.
Such experience leads to wisdom, and guides
Each of us to be inspired by fear
To be the epitome of loving-kindness.
Thus is fear my constant companion
To protect me from the fickleness of strangers,
For fear has been a friend since the day
When we became each other's companion.
Even then, a dear old friend such as fear
Always is with each of us, especially anyone
Who denies they are afraid, and in their bravery
Become so bold that they make foolish mistakes,
And show their fearlessness to be a complete fraud.
Thus the only way to conquer fear is to befriend it.
For such a constant companion may be what truly helps
Each of us gain wisdom and understanding until
Loving-kindness and mercy tames fear.
This is why fear is my constant companion.

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