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I am Canadian Because It is a Nation of Many Cultures (satire)

According to the article about France's love of Inuit culture, I am left with the impression that my fellow Canadians are based about Inuit culture. That may be because of their myopia about what culture means to them, especially an unwillingness to accept the Inuit people as equals. Nevertheless the French are willing to embrace the Inuit due to their love and respect of culture.

This may be because the Inuit were not political rivals like the former European empires such as the British, the Dutch, the German and the Russian empire.

Hence are the majority of Canadians jaded due to their ambivalence about the Inuit.

Perhaps this is the legacy of Canadian multiculturalism, for Canada is a commonwealth of cultures, each of which adhere to the notion that my people are my people and your people are your people but never shall we meet as equals.

Thus, it would be a rare day for a Canadian to become a tourist within Canada unless she develops the respect demanded by the appreciation of a democracy arising from the mutual love and esteem of all cultures that make up Canada.

For the monoculture that often represents Canadian culture today - the cultural artefacts called Western civilisation - is only a facsimile of true culture. Indeed, true culture demands that each culture and their respective peoples be appreciated by Canadians as worthy of such regard that each of us are willing to explore them.

Otherwise, Canadian culture is but an artefact of postmodern culture that is barren of any culture save stereotypes based on hockey, Canadian beer, and figures of speech.

I am Canadian not because of our cultural icons, but because of the richness of being the citizen of a multicultural state.

I am Canadian because I am proud that Canada is a nation of many cultures.

Indeed, I am a Canadian who is proud that my tax dollars are at work in Tourism Canada keeping Inuit culture alive.


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