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Meditation on Solitude: an Evolution from Living Alone to Oneness in Pure Mind (poem)

I live alone
dwelling in mindfulness,
remembering Buddha,
my heart rubbed raw
by great compassion,
untroubled by human suffering,
swimming in the ocean
of humanity, swept away by desire, lust, passion...
(written December 27, 2003)

Alone but devoid
of all loneliness, my love
is made pure again
by romantic notions unknown
to the common masses.
(written January 20, 2004)

it is Pure Spirit
that inspires such love,
laying the groundwork
for the Divine Realm.
Thus is it aiki of Ōmoto.
(written January 24, 2004)

Pure Mind only exists.
All other things exist
because Pure Mind cannot stand
to be the only One,
even this humble author
who now may never
realize such a mind,
due to the vanity
existing between the lines.
For humility deepens
awareness of Pure Mind.
(written February 3, 2004)

Aware of Pure Mind,
abandoning pure lust for the world,
the sage can overcome
what the sentient beings
enjoy while frolicking
in this world of Samsara.
(written January 14, 2014)

Last posted: March 12, 2004 1232h PDT

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