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Mary Magdalene as Shamaness (satire)

In Japan's ancient past, broken dolls representing an unknown fertility goddess are found in certain burial mounds.

This is also symbolic of female initiates in a shaman priestess cult: the broken dolls represent the psychotic break during initiation when initiates see visions.

Thus, it validates the connection between what is miscalled madness and shamanic initiation.

Indeed, some of the mad may be potential shamans who have lost touch with their ancient culture. With our drive to only produce productive members of society, we have stigmatized people needlessly.

Having said this, the story of Mary Magdalene might be the story of a shaman-priestess.

How so? Mary Magdalena might have been a priestess of Inanna.

With the help of God, Mary was healed by the Anointed One, and was supposedly worshipped by angels and celestial beings. This broke the mirror with which she viewed the world. Then she visited the psychic underworld of her mind, and returned healed.

This is not unlike the inner journey all women go through during their lives.

Certain aspects of madness such as mania, psychosis, hallucinations, and so on are a natural part of each of our lives. Indeed, we are all blessed with a spiritual side to our whole being when we are receptive to it.

If we only reflected on it to aid our spiritual journey through life, then much in our lives could be healed that remains unhealed because we have had the instruction thrown away by fearful Christians and misguided public health officials.

Thus, Mary's story is the story of all women. We only need look at it closely to see features of it in our own individual lives.

In my opinion, madness is a fact of life, and its stigma as "mental illness" ought to be removed by normalizing the use of the terms which have been used negatively, and thus use them for the benefit of society. Mild forms of madness ought to be put to good use before the misguided in society mistreat the mad.

I call upon people to treat the mad with kindness and respect.

For the days of shamans is over, and all that is left to do in life is to dance and sing for the greater glory of the divine and all that is holy.

Originally posted May 14, 2005 at 9:37 PM


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