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Cracking the Rejection or Die Meme (satire)

It's sad when the third option is missing i.e. someone loves you, but cannot openly express it, because the meaning of unconditional love sometimes takes a lifetime to accept.

While it may be true that "it is sad that everyone you love either rejects you or dies", this meme limits the choices to rejection or death. Thus it is a fallacy that does not hold true in real life.

Indeed, this fallacy about love holds no basis in real life at all.

What if we project our rejection of another person's love based on conditions placed on that love? Only in the manga on which this meme is based does this argument hold true.

In real life, some people you love have never truly rejected you. If they are parents or other loved ones, then they may die before you one day. Their love for you is real, even when it seems otherwise.

However, on the rare chance that everyone close to you might have rejected you, please do not give up on yourself. For there will always be someone you trust who will not give up on you either, even if it is only you.

I am not merely saying this to encourage rugged individualism, but also endorse reaching out to other people who you love and share mutual trust.

For people who are closest to us and dear to our hearts, that love never dies due to the power of unconditional love.

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