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My Thoughts on Meditation

During meditation, I breathe from the abdomen. This works for both the sitting and walking forms of meditation.

In time my mind becomes calm, as I practice deep breathing. After five minutes or ten minutes, I stop meditating.

After over twenty years of meditation, the deep breathing part of meditation are a reflex to me. It may be practice at home, while walking, and even when riding on the bus.

While at home I do practice meditation, on the road it is possible to practice the physical form of meditation.


Steve said...

I am inspired by Mandino's Ten Scrolls to remain focused on work.

For they are a source of inspiration to me.

Each day I read one scroll. When the tenth scroll is read, I start over with the first scroll again.

Steve said...

A note on spiritual energy:

Spiritual energy is known to the Chinese as Qi. This energy is not possessed by a meditator, nor is it owned. Rather, meditation helps us as conduits of Qi to facilitate change and much more.

Steve said...

Ashley-Farrand refers to spiritual energy as "power".

Here's what Lao Tzu says about "power":

To give birth and to nourish,
to give birth without taking possession,
to act without obligation,
to lead without dominating---
this is mystical power.

Another name for this mystical power is "mysterious virtue".

Radha Santadharma said...

The physical part of meditation I do consists of deep breathing. During it I breathe deeper than normal, hold for less than a second and release.

Breath meditation is useful for reducing stress.