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WTF is this BS about Hilary Duff and Nicole Richie anyway? (satire)

Back in late 2006, the following rant by me was posted. Today, Nicole Richie might be abusing drugs, possibly due to stress caused by a failed relationship. However, Hilary Duff is off the mainstream media radar. Even Perez Hilton is silent about Duff.

As for Lindsay Lohan, look for my recent repost of a previous blog article about Lindsay Lohan, who recently admitted to Oprah that alcohol is a gateway to drugs and more drugs.

However, I don't need to post URLs in here to complain about the tabloid gossip about Duff being pissed off just because Nicole has stolen her man back in 2006.

Why is Duff pissed off at Nicole and branding her a "skank"? WTF is up with that? It sounds like another celebrity cat fight seven years ago. Today it's old news.

I personally think this was just BS by gossip tabloids like TMZ and Perez Hilton.

Until I read that piece of trashy gossip I was happy that at least Lindsay Lohan is showing some common sense and seeking help from the crazy BS that substitutes for reality for celebrities these days.

I mean, really!!

In response to the utter bull crap passing for "news" in the mainstream media, I would like to declare that me choosing to be poor and a nobody who seldom drinks but often smokes cigarettes makes me morally superior to those celebrities.

In my opinion, their acting out and get reported by the news is making them millions from loyal fans. This also includes Justin Bieber, who was busted in Florida and had to face the music in Toronto in a legal matter, as well as the estate of the late actor's actor, Phillip Hoffman.

Originally posted: December 22, 2006 4:57 PM


Hoffman death due to heroin OD and related to near-fatal OD:

Sorry, I'm not adding more references. Go Google "TMZ Perez Hilton" with your favorite celebrity mentioned in the above article.

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