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Lost for 10 years!

Noah's life was transformed from one of happiness and good health before his drugging, to one of severe depression, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, severe migraines, severe hostility, homicidal tendencies, aggression, suicidality, etc., etc., etc. His history now includes involuntary commitment to 7 mental hospitals, placement in 12 foster homes, and literally dozens of so-called mental health “professionals” pulling and tearing at his life & his psyche. At each turn, at each institution, while in the hands and/or care of these 'professionals' Noah was taken deeper and deeper into the world of a severely mentally ill youngster, for he was being legally drug abused to the full extent of 1000 mgs per day (!) of psychotropic/antidepressant/SSRI drugs. He was only 14 years old!

Could it be that "psychotropic/antidepressant/SSRI drugs" are the gateway to mental illness? Yes, if you value your intellect, your self-respect and your sanity, then such drugs are almost as dangerous as recreational drugs to your health and happiness.

While a few people may remain stable on a strict regiment of psychiatric meditation, I find it hard to conclude that drug therapy for behavior disorders is useful for children under 16.

To drug a child for supposed ADHD is almost child abuse.

Update: March 11, 2013

I wonder how Noah is doing now. The more I read about this case, the more I feel vindicated in the use of my medication (gabapentin and cyclobenzaprine), precisely because adequate rest is important in the control of anxiety and relieve from depression..

So I have added more webpage links in the reference section of this article.

Original post: February 20, 2007 0052H
Update posted: March 11, 2013 0300H

Able Child - Gloria Wright:

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