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Ukrainian Serial Murderer Killed 52

Shortly after he got arrested, Onoprienko called himself a hostage, who had to be put on trial wrongly. He claimed the police should first track down the unknown force that drove him. He does admit that he looks forward to the gigantic attention of the press. He's been sentenced to death, but as Russia can't perform any capital punishments anymore since it joined the Council of Europe, his punishment was replaced by a life sentence in the Zhytomyr prison, although Onoprienko himself wanted to be executed.

The fact that he killed 52 people is a neglectable detail to Onoprienko. "None of my victims resisted. Armed or not, man or woman, none of them dare to do anything. A human being doesn't mean anything. I've only seen weak people. I compare humans to sand-grains. There are so much of them that they don't mean a thing."

Onoprienko also had a vision of Hitler requesting he start a new world war. He may be sociopathic, but he has fantasies that hint more at a psychosis. Probably he was narcissist. Without others to pay attention to him once they found out how much his character had been disturbed his mental balance over the years, he resorted to killing mostly old people.

I bet they were even hospitable to him at first.

Ironically, Zhytomyr prison is located in an area where many Jews died during World War 2.

Originally posted: April 18, 2007 4:37 PM
Anatoly Onoprienko:

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