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Things I've Learned from Seung Cho

  1. Bulletproof vest and cap backwards is not a good fashion style, especially with a Walther P22 in one hand and a Glock 19 in the other.
  2. Ditto with the knives!
  3. Why did it take shooting two people to get you to open up, Seung?
  4. So you were Seung-Hui Cho until about 2005, then Mr. QuestionMark for most of 2006? Who is Ax Ishmael?
  5. It's not love to want a woman all to yourself. It's a dangerous obsession.
  6. Never use a gun to get a woman to love you. Someone might end up dead.
  7. Who the heck is Seung-Hwi Cho? And is QuestionMark a daemon? Is Ax Ishmael a daemon?
  8. So how come there is no sequel? Wait! This is the sequel beginning with Columbine. As was Kimveer Gill's whimpy little duck shoot in Montreal!
  9. I might get respect cos my friends can now joke, "Watch out! Don't make Steve mad. He might go ballastic and do a Cho Seung-Hui!" Why am I not looking forward to this prospect?
  10. So when did a convocation become a moment for a black activist and poet to channel MLK?
  11. Look! Proof there is another man creepier than I am!!

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Steve said...

Cho is not the first killer to have his writing scrutinized in the aftermath of his crime.

"Vengeance is coming," Kimveer Gill wrote in a blog entry before shooting one person to death, wounding 20 others and then killing himself in Montreal last year. "A light drizzle will be starting up. The clouds will be grey, so grey. Just the way I like it. Disemboweled bodies litter the streets. Some have been decapitated, others hung off bridges and overpasses."
Psychiatrists downplay plays of Cho

Yep, there you have it: violent fantasies are healthy.

Acting them out is not.