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Sanity Defines Spirituality as Mysticism

To see God in a moment of madness is not revelation but merely a hallucination.

Though the mad do not know God any more than the faithful. Were one to ask the mad about seeing God, there might not be a coherent answer. If the mad could write about their experience, their journals would remain incoherent.

Yet, to see God is truly a wondrous thing if it transcends all madness, leaving one absolutely sane.

Rare is such a person who has been granted by God to see Him. Few of us know how this blessed event occurs. Some of them even call the event a mystery.

Though the mystery is no hallucination to the person who has come upon this mystery. He may even be inspired to speak about it, and perhaps write his thoughts about the mysticism known as "seeing God".

This is the difference between mysticism and religious obsession.

Other terms for "seeing God" include "experiencing the divine", "being blessed", "satori", and "quiet abiding." Few people will share this experience with other people who are not open-minded to such matters.

Instead, such mysticism can only be appreciated by like-minded people who encourage it.

Originally posted: August 28, 2007 6:19 PM PDT

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