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True Happiness (poem)

Most happy is the one who
Make a chaste life hers,
With unquenched desires
And wanton passion
Conquered through perseverance.

Child-like innocence
Helps in the discovery
Of the life divine
Which resists all temptation
In the name of the Buddha.

Even though she is alone,
The most happy one
Meditates upon the truth
That the Pure Mind be
Achieved through mindful practice.

Be like that small child
Who alone sits quietly,
In meditation,
Remembering the Buddha
Through careful recitation.

With each call, not alone is
She who does recite
The name of the Buddha 'til
He does call through her,
"Namu Amida Butsu."

Sincerely the child
Does recite the Name-that-calls
As the Buddha calls
Through her until her mind is
Pure and her life left divine.

True happiness is this: the love
that compassion calls
respect for your fellow man,
and the devotion
shown towards a Buddhist friend.

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