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Google Maps is Bad Enough

Back in 2007, people were concerned about cameras snapping pictures throughout Canadian cities for Google, citing privacy violation.

According to our federal privacy act, no one may take pictures in a public area of Canadian citizens.

However, every address in Canada can be viewed on Google Maps and that still has some privacy violations in itself.

If a person's address is given, then all it takes is another person to stake out the place until that person enters/exits the building to confirm the address.

Public institutions and other place of business are a different story since most public institutions are not legal citizens.

This may be why parts of Canada are highly accessible from Google Maps especially city centres while the suburbs are only accessible down to 250 meters per inch.

As well, the accuracy of map coördinates is within 50 metres.

Of course fine-tuning mapping software to accurately match physical addresses to map coördinates may compromise the privacy of Canadian citizens.

Although the mapping app for iPhone 5 was a bust, the accuracy of Google Maps is still bad enough as it is.

While Google Maps' may be off by 50 metres, this inaccuracy actually protects the Canadian privacy law.

Original post: October 10, 2007 0251H
Update posted: March 11, 2013 0033H

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