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Britney Pisses Off Catholics (satire)

In Britney's aptly named album Blackout, she disrespects the Catholic faith by posing in suggestive ways in confessional with a model dressed as a Catholic priest.

[rant mode on]
Instead of being naughty, she should take childcare class at her local college. She also needs to avoid the party scene like Lindsay Lohan is doing since coming back from rehab in Utah.

Though, it'd be nice to have her come do a public service announcement-themed video for the bipolar and schizoid community.
[rant mod off]

If Catholics and the mental health community are offended by my article, then I have no idea. Nobody has complained to me.

That's because I'm a nobody.

Ah, the joy of being anonymous!

Originally posted: November 1, 2007 11:03 PM

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