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I love my Meds (satire)

Today I went to my doctor to fill my prescriptions for gabapentin and flexeril (cyclabenzaprine), both of which I consider safer than anything stronger for me. The flexeril is for muscle spasms in my left shoulder due to arthosis and the gabapentin, sleep.

For a while, while using both medications, I was anticipating more sedation, but like what I get from them on waking. It's great to wake up after taking flexeril and gabapentin, only to find my thoughts aren't sluggish.

I suppose the reason for wanting this medication is the laid-back feeling the morning after due to getting a good night's rest.

A plus is there are few side effects worth mentioning. Instead I just feel good, about myself and how to deal with the world.

Thank the heavens for cyclobenzaprine to sedate me, and gabapentin, to calm my mind down.

Update: 20140206.2022

Also, if I up my dose of gabapentin, then I can reduce my nicotine addiction. Given that a daily dose 1500 mg of gabapentin can reduce alcohol cravings to the point of abstinence in 17 percent of alcoholics, gabapentin may be used to maintain nicotine abstinence. Though, gabapentin has some sedative effects but has no interaction with alcohol or nicotine.

So tonight I'm taking the minimum dose of 300 mg, which is the lowest maintenance dose of gabapentin i.e. the lowest recommended dose that may cause psychological dependence. I'd rather take a medication that I get free due to being a Class C recipient for social welfare than have to pay for a $8-10 a pack of cigarettes.

Originally written on Dec 19, 2012 at 7:16 AM
Last posted on December 7, 20163 at 9:04 PM

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