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Sunyata (poem)

Emptiness is
beyond thought and speech,
for mere words cannot describe
ultimate reality.

Everything one encounters
in life is empty
of absolute identity,
of permanence,
and of an in-dwelling 'self'.

For impermanence
is the constant of life;
indeed, it is Truth
of suffering, absolute.
From it comes Buddha-Nature.

Buddha-Nature is
consciousness reborn again.
For all life is impermanent,
and subject to change.
Indeed, this leads to Emptiness.

In emptiness comes
form derived of the Unborn.
In the Unborn comes
emptiness derived of form.
Thus they are of the Unborn.

Yet the Unborn cannot be
described, which brings us
to Emptiness, which cannot
be described in words,
but only experienced.

Original post: November 18, 2007 04:25 AM

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