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Peace: Make War No More

Though I respect the work of military families' contribution to keeping the world free of tyrants and dictators, prior to 1936, most Western nations were gaga for Hitler and prior to November 1918, the free world was so impressed by Japan's efforts towards world peace that we let the; join the League of Nations after Armistice Day.

Since the last World War (2), I've had relatives in Canada whose lands were stolen - and sold to pay for their incarceration - a small courtsey afforded bythe government, due to the ill-advised War Measures Act in force from 1941-1946, only to have one of my parent's family forcibly 'repatriated' to a foreign country as of June 1945.

Although militarists led us to WW II, and the waste of lives that resulted - so that peace continues to thrive in these most sensitive times - do not just think about the bottom line, and what's in it for us.

Instead, think not only of our children, but of our children's children to the seventh generation on sensitive matters such as women in the military, "War on Terrorism", and other threats to peace in the world.

IMHO the military is in dire need of reform, and that reformation cannot be done by the military alone.

For "War on Terrorism" needs an honest appraisal, free of military filtering.

Reports of another Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan sounds to me like the news media is desperate for viewership, while subtly making it clear that war is hell.

Let's not be the problem but the solution, and make war no more.

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