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Buddha Nature as the Original Nature of the Unborn

'Buddha-nature is viewed as the basis of all worlds and phenomena, in the sense that the idea of "beings" and "worlds" only arises when one, out of ignorance, ignores the mind's essential condition, manufactures reference points, and clings to them as if they are real.' --

Indeed, Buddha Nature is the original nature of all sentient beings from before they are born.

Then before we awaken to the purpose of our lives (to become enlightened), we develop the self as real (ego) out of spiritual ignorance and go onto imagine the soul as real out of fear of nonexistence.

Wen we ignore the essence of the primordial nature of the mind (Buddha Nature), we develop the delusion that the ego is real and that the soul exists as a permanent thing which reincarnates.

To the Buddhist, we are merely spiritually ignorant of our True Nature i.e. that our primordial goodness is Buddha Nature.

Only the spiritually shallow call the Buddhist who patiently tries to awaken others to this sublime truth "mad" due to their fear of nonexistence. He would be prudent to not retort in kind, but to realize the spiritually shallow will not awaken to truth because they are attached to their worldliness.

In this way, the Buddhist learns the folly of trying to awaken the spiritually shallow to Buddha Nature.

For he who sees Buddha Nature as the original nature of the Unborn due to his mindful practice consisting of meditation and Buddha Recitation should continue with his practice.

Leaving the spiritual shallow alone, he should associate with his spiritual friends and encourage their mindful practice.

Originally posted: June 27, 2010 2309H
Updated: February 10, 2013 1928H

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