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Endless Craving

A man and woman meet, fall in love and marries. The husband corrects wife's spelling.

The wife refuses to wash husband's socks because they are stiff with dried sweat.

Later, after several kids (3), the wife claims kids are like hubbie.

The hubbie now talks through morning paper, while the wife tries to clue hubbie into #1 son's drug habit; then hubbie claims he'll snap out of it.

#1 son has nervous breakdown due to bickering between spouses, and rest of children are taken by wife during separation.

The hubbie and #1 son enjoy a spliff together, and consider running a grow op to finance alimony and child support.

The hubbie and #1 son get busted in pot raid by police. At this point the hubbie considers suicide.

#1 attempts suicide when they are charged for grow op and become another statistic in the war on marijuana.

Later the father and son become medical marijuana advocates after stint in jail. Secretly they also grow pot to supply gangs.

Moral of story: endless craving is the root of suffering and its reality ruins lives.

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