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Honor Killings are Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence includes honor killing.

That the State agrees honor killing is a religious matter and that somehow it is racist and violation of freedom to practice religion is in itself against sharia.

Sharia does not really condone honor killing. Indeed, the imam would say it is wrong, but the unsaid is "what can a religious leader do in the face of neoconservative Muslims?"

After that, you won't hear of one imam saying anything in public least he be subject to "public opinion" including threats against his life.

Yet if a Christian minister denounces domestic abuse, you NEVER hear of death threats against him, because despite State and Church in the west being separate, because West is based on Judeo-Christian ideology, no one would think of considering a priest or even a preacher of being unbeliever for criticizing violence against women and children.

That Islam condones such violence does not imply that their laws condone it. Rather, it means that Public Opinion in the Muslim world still honors the family before they do God.

In essence, the will of the family (hadith) is honored over sharia (the will of God).

So in essence, tho Muslim claim to believe in God, they still honor the family before they honor Sharia.

Indeed, they claim that honor killing are done out of respect to the will of Muslim society.

Though they believe in God, their first duty is to family, and they cover up their honor killings by hiding behind Mohammed.

For very few imams would dare disturb public order by condemning honor killing, lest some one in the Muslim community then think the community's honor is sullied by such "blasphemy".

In truth, honor killing is still a dishonor to God's will because the head of the family, a man, the father of the victim, usually a woman, kills and justifies it by stating clearly that is it the will of the Muslim community/society.

For the only authority then is Muslim society, not God.

Thus honor killing is done so that the Muslim man's honor is respected by his community.

Yet in taking a life, that Muslim is defying God's will.

That few Muslims see the difference between Muslim society and God with regard to God's will shows the depth of control that a society which uses shame as social control has over its people.

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