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No One Likes a Gossip

In France, there once was a person who was a gossip. her gossip caused most of her friends to die at the hands of the Nazis.

However, to the Nazis she was useful because everyone confided in her.

In the end, when the French Underground realized such a gossip was the cause of their comrades' demise, they stopped associating with her.

So she turned coat and gossiped to the French Underground about the Nazis.

When the Nazis realized that they were being thwarted in their pursuit of the Underground, they took this woman and made an example of her.

She had her head shaved, was beaten, and despised by French and Nazi alike.

For even in war, neither side likes a gossip.

Years later, this same woman in old age was shunned in Paris because of her reputation as a gossip.

On her deathbed, the priest asked to hear her last confession.

She replied, "Father, forgive me for I have sinned. As a young woman, my gossip led to my fellow country men dying at the hands of the Nazis. To right wrongs, I gossipped to the Underground about what the Nazis plotted, only to suffer at the hands of the Nazis. Since the war, no one wanted to be associated with me because of my gossip. So now, on my deathbed, I've been alone these years..."

In response, the priest replied, "You are forgiven in God's name."

In a whisper, the old woman said "Did you hear that the current Pope used to be a Nazi sympathizer?"

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