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Why I Chose Medication

Earlier in 2010, I chose to use mirtazapine, not to cure depression, but to augment psychotherapy, and to use direct experience to validate my hypothesis about the neurophysiological cause of the disorder (Borderline Personality Disorder) I was originally diagnosed with i.e. mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI).

Psychotherapy lasted for a year.

My hypothesis is that the many mTBI I received from childhood into adulthood resulted in trauma which is the main cause of BPD. My use of mirtazapine is to treat the side effects of mTBI, of which depression is one of them.

I am also of the opinion that mirtazapine, as a strong sedative, also relieved me of the fear of heights, which demonstrates that phobias are in part a neurophysiological affect of mTBI in my case.

Originally posted: June 19, 2010 1847H
Update posted: March 4, 2013 1522H

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Steve said...

I'm writing this update on mirtazapine based on my experience with it.

The side effects appear to be moderated by psychotherapy and self help.

Expected weight gain is about 10-20 lbs, though it can be moderated through regular exercise and discipline.

As well, adaptation to the medication may take about 3-5 weeks. However, for me the antidepressant effect took about 90 days.

In order for this medication to benefit me as prescribed, I decided to develop a strong professional therapeutic bond with my psychotherapist.