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Israel Justifies Killing of Turkish IHH Members in Flotilla Raid,1518,699509,00.html

Israel Justifies Killing of Turkish IHH Members in Flotilla Raid

June 10, 2010: The following is NOT an anti-Semitic rant. Rather, it is a strong condemnation of Israel for using the same tactics the US used to justify the current "War on Terror" which was actually a covert war to gain access to oil in Afghanistan (by securing the country so a pipeline to Pakistani could be built) and the Middle East (so that oil from Iraq could be sold cheaply).

Israel is using smoke and mirrors to justify its raid on a humanitarian aid flotilla.

It uses old intelligence to make it seem as though IHH is rife with terrorists, and names various Americans as terrorists without solid evidence.

The purpose of such accusations is to create rumors to damage the reputation of the flotilla's participants.

Any news media perpetuating such rumors would only make them the laughing stock of news media because each accusation will fall apart under investigation.

It remains to be seen which news media in Canada will fall for the Israeli disinformation campaign, because it needs solid backing from the Israeli embassy in Ottawa.

Today, Israel's founding in the Middle East has morphed into a fascist military police state which favors Jews over Muslims, yet is only willing to establish a Palestinian apartheid using Palestinian police who only answer to the IDF.

In Israel's eyes, this justifies bombing the hell out of Gaza and using gunboats to prevent humanitarian aid of any kind to get to the Gaza strip.

Supposedly this is due to risk of munitions being brought into Gaza.

I feel that the real reason Israel is refusing to let such aid reach Gaza is to prevent journalists from discovering that Palestine isn't hungry but is starved for recognition and US dollars.

Israel ought to start a campaign of peace that involves food, not bombs. Otherwise, the global social activist networks and their NGOs will continue their disapproval of the predominant fascist police state mentality in Israel by sending humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Changes Since Humanitarian Aid Flotilla Blockade of 2010

Since the flotilla raid in 2010 shone a spotlight on Israel, the political situation for Palestine improved. In June 2010 the Gaza Strip blockade eased.

In July 2011, a second humanitarian aid flotilla never made it to Gaza due to a travel ban by Greece.

Of the 10 vessels that were destined for Gaza, only one decided to violate the Greek travel ban. That vessel was stopped by three Israeli naval vessels and escorted to Ashdod, Israeli's recommended port of call.

Later, in November 2011 two vessels piloted by parties acting privately to break the blockade were stopped by the Israeli Navy.

After the Egyptian revolution of 2011, the border at Rafa Crossing was opened in May 2011 by the new Egyptian government. In 2012, Egypt also supplied fuel to Gaza.

Update February 12, 2013:
On November 29, 2012 Palestine received non-member observer status at the UN. This attainment of observer status led to its change in title from Palestine National Authority to The State of Palestine.

Originally posted: June 10, 2010 at 1914H
Updated: February 12, 2013 at 1042H

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Steve said...

May the citizens of Israel realize peace in the Holy Land means tolerance for Palestinians rather than apeing their leaders.