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Jodo Shinshu: The Teaching of Our Tradition

No. 30 in the collection of Rennyo Shonin's letters, Gobunshoo: 'The Teaching of Our Tradition'.

If you wish to know thoroughly the essentials of the teaching recommended in our tradition and attain birth in the land of bliss, you should, first of all, know about the entrusting heart of Other Power.

What is the entrusting heart of Other Power for? It is the provision by which helpless beings like us can easily be born in the Pure Land.

How is it to have the entrusting heart of Other Power? It is simply to awaken a single thought of entrusting with single-minded and unwavering reliance on Amida Tathagata without any qualms; then the Buddha unfailingly sends forth the embracing light and keeps you within it while you are in this Saha world. This is precisely how your birth is settled.

Thus, the Nale-That-Calls (Namo Amida Butsu) is itself the entrusting heart of Other Power has been established in you by hearing the Buddhadharma. Please understand that this entrusting heart reveals how the Name-That-Calls works through you.

Therefore you should not doubt that by attaining this entrusting heart of Other Power, you will easily be born into the Buddha-field of Sukhavati to hear the word of Amida.

How wonderful is Amida's Primal Vow!

How could we express our deep gratitude for Amida's benevolence?

We should express our gratitude for Amida Tathagata's benevolence by simply reciting the Name-That-Calls while awake.

What should be our motivation for saying the Name-That-Calls?

Remember to express our joyful gratitude and appreciate the benevolence of Amida Tathagata for saving us.

Primal Vow:


Steve said...


Steve said...

Here is a German Jodo Shinshu website:

Jodo Shinshu Deutschland

Steve said...

The previous comment shows that Europe has a few people who became part of the Shin Buddhist Sangha, IMHO due to Christianity filtering out the concept of unity common to Buddhism and Sufism.

It seems too that the world is not at peace due to warmongers among the radicals of both Islam and Christianity, as well as Buddhists (Sri Lanka, Thailand, etc).

This is not due to religion, but is always due to the working of karma and ego delusion, which the religiously shallow rarely appreciate as the root of living in interesting time.