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Of the Mind Be Mindful!

Without the mind nothing matters. Thus mindlessness results from delusion. With the mind be fully mindful. For reality itself is the mind's creation.

Each act we do sows seeds of karma, which ripen in due time. By performing merit, we sow seeds of karma considered to be good. By acting foolishly, we sow seeds of karma consider to be evil.

From birth to death, one's goal is enlightenment. How rare it is to be born as a human being, and given opportunity like this to understand one's true purpose. For uncertainty and sadness is the result of delusion, and its cure is found by following in the footsteps of Gotama Buddha.

This mind is a precious gift, and it's best not to waste it by clinging to this world mindlessly. Indeed, the sooner one realizes one's true purpose is to be mindful of the Buddha, the sooner one becomes enlightened after uncovering Buddha Nature.

Having quieted mental unrest, and transformed all negativities, both behavioral and mental, into loving-kindness and other forms of merit, how well remembered is the Buddha by all those of us who are mindful!

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