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My Rant on the Stresses of Daily Life and its Cure

You're sitting in gridlock during rush hour that you indirectly participate in creating by being overly productive beyond sustainability.

Later on the stress leads to autoimmune disorders, and many of us just ask for pills for our ills, which cascades into mental illness, depression, CV disease, diabetes etc.

And what do we do on weekends? Rather than living sober, we might even drink and/or drug recreationally.

All that living on the edge just makes the cells poop out. So, is the well examined life still the good life?

IDK, but the #1 improvement to one's health is to walk 5 miles 4 days of the week.

That's 0.8 miles or 8 city blocks a day. So the optimal for most people is to live that far from work, and be a walking commuter.

FWIW I don't drink or use drugs recreationally. Instead, I use one and only one drug medically as a sleep aid: mirtazapine.

Right now, I meditate a lot and, my goal is to get at least a few miles of walking done.

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Steve said...

Mirtazapine is foremost a sedative, and a more effective sleep-aid than OTC remedies.

I currently am able to tolerate taking 30 mg before bedtime.

My current mood on awakening is positive, and have adapted positively to the dreams I may occasionally have, which provide rich material to interpret.