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My Google Account got Hacked Recently

About 48 hours ago, on October 24, 2011 I'd noticed that my Acer LiquidE Android phone was having a problem logging into Google.

Last night I corrected that problem.

Then it seemed my Yahoo email account might have been compromised too; but that was a false alarm I credit to fatigue since I'd been up since 0430h on October 25.

Today I have changed my Google account password, and may never know what happened.

When I changed my password Google claimed there was a lot of abnormal activity regarding my account, but failed to provide details.

For all I know, my use of the insecure Wifi portal at UBC on Monday might have been when the breach occurred.

However, this means having to email UBC's IT department.

Hopefully, the hackers did not get my CWL account password.

So, after this blog entry I plan to do just that: email UBCIT and see if we can work together to catch these hackers at the university.

NOTE TO HACKER(S): I am onto you. I will hunt you down. You will be tracked, and your days are numbered. This is your first and only warning!! This is not an idle threat. — Sageb1

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Steve said...

I found out where my account was hacked, and it was accessed two days before I went to UBC.

Here's the heads up from Google:

Access Type [ ? ]
(Browser, mobile, POP3, etc.) Location (IP address) [ ? ] Date/Time
(Displayed in your time zone)
Unknown Venezuela ( Oct 22

Time to email