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Speculation on Occupy Rome, Occupy Oakland and other musings

Oakland has been where the militant hippies resided after clashes at Haight Ashbury in LA during the 60s.

It's hard to say why Oakland turned out like they do today is primarily due to the influx of Yippies and other political groups, or the associated migration of rural people of all colours there from other places.

As well, because of ages-old clashes of color e.g. Crips and other black gangs, the police there became militant in response to high crime mainly due to poverty and fiscal mismanagement of predominantly white police departments in the city and suburbs.

In short, poverty is the leading cause of militancy amongst certain social activists in Oakland.

This may explain the violence in Occupy Rome since poverty is also endemic in various Italian metropolitan areas due to influx of migrant workers and the unfair distribution of wealth under the current coalition of moderate and right-wing parties.

Thus, Oakland may be this way due to the 1% who are predominantly right-wing conservatives supported by a strong Big Business presence.

It also explains San Jose, and nations run by conservatives globally, including Germany.

Germany is of note because it has used spyware to monitor its citizens, primarily in Bavaria, which has a high influx of immigrants.

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