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Libyan Civil War Due to Oil Imperialism (satire)

In retrospect the Libyan Civil War was never a humanitarian crisis. Rather, it was because of oil imperialism that NATO chose to support the rebels.

As well, NATO has consistently been advised by the new Libyan government to let them do what is best for the people.

Hopefully, the government will still implement Gaddafi's proposal to give all Libyans 30,000 Libyan dinars. Though the Libyan oil industry has gone down the tubes since 2011, due to political infighting between the various Libyan clans and Al Qaeda over who controls the oil.

Later, the US embassy attack in Benghazi was due to CIA presence there, and lack of a strong military presence by the US due to prior agreement with the interim Libyan government.

As a result, former Gaddafi munitions were ferried away around this time, possibly to Syrian rebels and al Qaeda forces.

Petraeus' reason for not establishing a high military presence in Libya at the embassy will never be heard, thanks to the cover story that he had an affair with a military intelligence officer in the reserve who wrote a fan-fiction book about him, which is now selling like hotcakes.

Yes, I am saying, America inadvertently let munitions supply the Syrian rebels and al Qaeda supporters.

Syria is related to this oil imperialism as America now wants Iranian oil. It had already acquired Iraqi oil, though it helped lose Libyan oil.

All the work in Afghanistan is but an exercise in bribing Taleban and al Qaeda moderates to help secure oil assets in the aftermath of Arab Spring.

Thank you, Mr Obama for keeping the West safe! :p

Originally written: December 29, 2011 at 12:15 PM

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