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Ah shit: Feminists Don't Get It Right

Before you get into the meat of this entry, please read about Marc Lepine: and

All these stories miss the girlfriend mentioned in a few other reports. However, let a man tell of the aftermath of Lepine's murder spree:

My problem with the White Ribbon Campaign is not that it is trying to help female victims of violence, or that it is working towards gun-control.

My problem with the White Ribbon Campaign is that it offers up a cartoon in place of a schematic.

Most men don't rape, don't beat, and don't murder their partners. Most men don't get into drunken brawls and murder whoever dissed them at the bar.

My problem with the White Ribbon Campaign is that it uses the image of Marc Lepine to stand in for a very complex social problem. It is a way of making us feel good about ourselves without addressing the real (and much more difficult) problem of domestic violence itself.

The problem isn't just that some individual men kill women. The problem is that some individual men and a much smaller number of women kill other men.

Leaving aside the minority of those murderers who are clinically insane - who murder because a leprechaun on their shoulder tells them to - what we are dealing with is a problem of violence.

Statistically, more men are killed by other men every year than women are. In fact, it's about 75 percent of murders. Yes, one in four of murder victims are women. However, 90 percent of murderers are men.

To use Marc Lepine's murder spree as a memorial is to distort the truth: violent men do violence to men, women and sometimes children without discretion.

As well, the media painted Marc as a quiet loner. Yet they rarely fully explain why.

In fact, child abuse and domestic abuse, let alone family violence, is never mentioned by feminists outside of context with violence against women and the endemic violence perpetrated within the context of patriarchy.

Ironically, the start of the US's entry into WW2 was also on December 7, 1941 - war is proof that men are sometimes called upon to do violence against other men, women and children for the greater good. Even so, it helps to reconcile with the innocent victims of war.

Let us not forget that most violence against women is the result of domestic and family violence, including Lepine's murder spree.

More violence has been done against men by men.

Let's stop pretending violence against women is an epidemic, for the real epidemic is that more and more men (and women and children) are victims of violence!

Let's stop violence, now.

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Steve said...

Coroner's Report

It took about 20 minutes for Gamil to shoot 29 people, and himself.

It took police and triage about 45 minutes to assess and treat survivors of the shooting.

This is exceptional considering the 15 minute delay between the time Gamil shot himself at 17:30 and when the first victims were assessed.

Priority was given to protecting the police and the triage teams over treating the surviving victims as soon as it was known Gamil was dead.

It took a half hour to move out the most seriously injured victim at 18:02.

This is probably due to the fact that Gamil shot students on about 3-4 floors of the school.

Although he had firepower to withstand an initial assault by police, he committed suicide.

Hence this is typical mass murder/suicide scenario.