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Happy Marc Lepine the Martyr's Day! (satire)

Remember those women that some Berber-French kid shot dead in 1989? It was more than 20 years ago in two days' time. His name was Marc Lepine who was beat up by his dad. He lied about hating feminists, for he shot dead those women out of displaced anger because he hated his mother, but Catholicism tends to put a damper on matricide in Quebecois society.

Had he been a latent homosexual, he would have "hated" women, out of fear but mostly out of ineptness. It's said he had a GF who dumped him because he was too "macho" i.e. practiced the Berber custom of putting down women due to the impression Islam made on his dad.

But Lepine was made the epitome of evil, and verifies the falsehood that only men kill women.

This ignores the fact that daily more men than women are killed by men.

If I had the balls, I'd make December 6 Marc Lepine the Martyr's Day as victim of child abuse and its effect on violence against women.

By the way, did you know that none of the men in that classroom at Ecole Polytech had the balls to rush Lepine and disarm him?

And all of them suffered for it. One guy even committed suicide because he knew he could have done something to Lepine from killing all those innocent women, very few of whom were feminists.

Montreal men, they were wimps in 1989.

Happy Marc Lepine the Martyr Day!

Originally posted: December 7, 2012 8:06 AM

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