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Mass Media Perpetuates Propaganda In Wake of Shooting

By not reassuring the American people, CNN, Fox News and other mass media outlets have once again used propaganda to unnecessarily scare its viewers.

By perpetuating social stigma against mentally ill people, viewers who think they are mentally ill will hide at home because of the delusion perpetuated by this propaganda that they might be dangerous to others.

God forbid that they make the mistake of buying a gun!

Therefore I will emphasize once again that Adam Lanza most likely killed his mother, 20 children and 6 adults because his mother improperly stored her guns.

His motive was simple: jealous rage at his mother for neglecting him due to her hobby.

For he was afraid of being deprived of the close proximity to his mother by being sent to an institution suited to meet his need for a disciplined, orderly and regular environment.

Therefore, mental illness has nothing to do with this tragedy.

For Adam Lanza was not crazy: he was in a rage due to the fear reaction he had at the prospect of being deprived of his mother's love.

While this may sound irrational to a mature adult, it is reasonable speculation on my part to suggest this scenario, rather than the propaganda that mass media outlets peddle which socially stigmatizes the mentally ill, who are four times more like to be a victim of violence than to harm another person.

We also do not need the NRA to peddle this propaganda, too.

As well, the other propaganda being peddled is the "rising murder rate". In fact, murder rates are higher in cities with 250,000+ people than in rural towns with 10,000 people, but are slightly less than they were 20 years ago, in America.

Easy access to firearms is the sole problem. When you have one immature individual, you might have a mass school killer. It makes no difference about their gender or whether they are mentally ill.

This is a crime of passion by a young man whose own mother had fears of her own about the world. Those fears were exhibited by her growing interest in survivalism and in firearms (her hobby), which includes firearms training for both her and her son.

Quite possibly, she may have also favoured Adam to the point of inculcating in him the seeds of dependency. Today we have no way of knowing this, because both he and his mother are dead.

Even so, Adam Lanza is yet another example of how fear distorts mother love into such a strong bond between mother and child that the child expresses his rage at his mother in a tragic manner.

Originally written: January 3, 2013 at 11:50 PM

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Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting:

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