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Controversy Makes People Look Dumb (satire)

If you want a real discussion but your topic is controversial Google Plus is not the venue because intelligent people will not discuss a controversial topic without picking sides, and sometimes using methods of argument that will soon bring the topic to a close, often within minutes.

It appears that controversial topics tend to lead people to pick sides, which is deadly to sustaining discussing a topic and determines its expiry date, be it almost immediately or a few days later.

Once a person picks sides, you can expect the discussion to heat up as long as both sides think they are right.

From my position as a fence-sitter, I eventually realize that both sides are right but tend to deviate from remaining calm and rational due to emotional investment in their cause. YMMV

Yet an intelligent arguer tries not to pick a side because doing so will blind you to the other side's position.

Even though it is natural to be biased, it is limits one's choices to pick a side.

It makes one ignorant of the other side of the argument, depending on how much you invest in defence of your position.

Dare I say, picking sides makes one look dumb.

I feel that this is why in political elections, there are people who will never vote mainly because they are too intelligent to be sucked in by propaganda.

For the emotional fallacies that propaganda uses to influence politics is obvious to the intelligent sheep in the wolf's clothing of critical thinking.

This is why a truly intelligent person will not pick sides in a discussion about a controversial topic, lest he become a wolf in sheep's clothing.

For there is danger in picking sides: you become a part of the pack (the pro or con group) rather than a part of humanity (both sides).

Once you are a part of a pack, it is tempting to lead it and become that wolf.

If anyone dares to question your authority, then you will lead sheep to slaughter to defend it whilst hiding behind pro or con.

This is why most intelligent people will walk away from a controversy.

For they have better things to do with their mind, like meditate.

Originally published: August 25, 2013 6:27 AM

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