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Wake up Sheeple!! (satire)

Attention Sheeple: wake up from the dangers of the status quo!

I feel that society is antisocial when it lies about itself via mass media e.g. promotes a heteronormative and sexist status quo at the expense of homosexuals and women.

As well, youth culture that promotes ageism is also antisocial.

Thus it is society that promotes antisocial behavior when it deems anything the minority thinks is cool to be uncool and counter to the status quo of conformity.

Social norms only promote what is supposed to be normal within a cultural group.

Such norms become antisocial when they promote group harmony at the expense of honesty between members of that group.

When society promotes sincerity by promoting falsehoods to maintain status quo while calling it truth and penalizes anyone who exposes it, the seeds of antisocial behaviour are sown.

Are you still willing to remain sheeple?

Originally written October 26, 2013 at 3:38 AM

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