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Concerned Citizen Does the Right Thing for Bullied Student

A report from an Ontario doctor's wife comes from a currently undisclosed website in a comment thread about how to protect children from cyber-bullying.

She helped one of her patients, 14 year old girl who was bullied at school.

When she called the school, she got the run-around: the secretary said she didn't go there, after being asked three times to look for her.

When the doctor's wife talked to the principal in charge of the girl, the principal had never heard of her. The guidance counselor had sent her to a psychiatric community centre for counseling.

The girl's time at the centre got her into trouble - her words were used against her.
As a result, the mother nearly lost both her children to Children's Aid.

So the doctor's wife took her out of school since it was May. Then she filed a complaint against the unregistered mental health worker at CA.

As for the girl, she finished her school year at home.

Later, the woman's husband went with her to their MPP to protest the neglect going on in that girl's school and the use of entrapment to threaten the child's mother.

My guess is, the mother of the child was a single mother on welfare. Also it appears that in response to the bullying, the school's guidance counselor wrongly guessed the girl had a psychiatric problem.

It's more likely the school bullies had influential parents and that factored strongly on the outcome for this child.

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