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Is Black The Most Popular Color of Android?

As far as Android smart-phones go, black is in. This is not because Android is trying to emulate the iPhone. Rather, it is because market dynamics in business demands simplicity, so the number of choices for colors, even among Android phones is limited. Moreover, there is a simple reason why black is popular among smart-phones.

According to wikipedia, black may be the most preferred color because of the elegance it symbolizes. Also, the color black represents power and authority, and in other cultures, beauty (Rasafarian) and honor (Japanese).

With regard to my personal experience with smart-phones, black contrasts well with the screen. Additionally, the colors of Android phones I have had were predominately black with red being the exception.

From what I can tell, Android users find black a popular choice over colors such as red, blue, gray, and white.

In the US, the Samsung S3 is offered in blue, white, black, and brown.

In Canada, where I live, the colors offered are black or white and sometimes red when it comes to Samsung smart-phones.

According to its website, Sony has stuck to black for most of its phones, though the alternate colors are blue, gray, pink, red, and white.

In contrast, LG has phones colored black, gray, red, and white.

As for Nokia, it has phones in colors other than black, such as blue, gray, red, and white.

Thus, my brief research on colors of Android phones confirms that the colors being used are black, blue, brown, gray, pink, red, and white.

In conclusion, the data does confirm that black is the most popular color due to its association with elegance, power and authority. Though, other reasons for their choice may be due to culture.

Yet another reason why black is the most popular color is because certain models of smart-phones only come in that color.

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