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When You Die, You Disappear for Good. Scary!!

When I was a kid, the moment the wicked witch was dead on Wiward of Oz, and her feet disappeared under the house, I was scarred for life. I was maybe 6 or 7.

When I saw WoO when I was 16, I flinched.

Today I think it's cool that just by removing the fake legs, you could fool kids into believing when a witch dies, she disappears for good.

That's what scared me. That when you die, you disappear for good.

Think about it: When we die, we disappear for good.

No wonder I was fucking scared at 6 or 7!!!!

I was afraid of not being remembered when I died.

Yet at 6 or 7, who can explain why we get scared? We just feel the feeling but only at a mature age can we explain why the action leads to the emotion.

Today I am no longer scared.

Phear me!

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Radha Santadharma said...

"Phear me" == "have respect for a person who had lost all fear"

At a young age, I learned what "fear God" meant: respect God.

Yet the God I am referring to is the Absolute.

Nirvana is the closest definition of the Absolute.

What Christians call Heaven, Nirvana is not.

For Nirvana is not a place but the process through which a Buddhist practitioner learns to be at one with the universe and everything in it.

Why? To discover the heart of compassion within and be of service to others.

This process consists of meditation, and it is endless yet delightful.