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I Love/Hate Monsanto

I have this love/hate sentiment about Monsanto.

First for buying the license for an Asian flavor, Aji-no-moto, from a Japanese corporation, and making it generic contrary to the licence, I hate Monsanto.

Second, for having the audacity of pretending to be user friendly, I hate Monsanto!

Thirdly, for never having a civil dialog with me about aspartame? I hate Monsanto!!

According to what I found out, Monsanto is actually a Hispanic surname.

It means "My saint" which implies to me, the angel/daemon that watches over each of us due to it being the unknown God's creation.

Basically Monsanto's purpose is to save us from starvation, whilst putting farmers it deems rogue out of business, just because they won't grow Monsanto food at a price.

For the oppression of farmers whose only crime is to grow non-GMO crops beside a Monsanto-sanctified farmer is the worst form of corporate fascism yet to befall mankind.

It even beats Microsoft lawyers suing people who have assets for not having a license for their Windows software.

IMO the solution to the Monsanto dilemma is for an itinerant farmer be allowed to grow a mix of Monsanto-sanctified seed with non-GMO seeds, but to save the Monsanto Round-up for when the former plants get sick with some weird fungus.

For example, GMO rye would be resistant to ergot as well as the herbicide.

Monsanto, you listening??

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Radha Santadharma said...

Penalizing farmers for keeping GMO seeds is not going to find too many farmers willing to buy Monsanto seeds.

Round-Up ready seeds may still grow into plants that cross-pollinate with non-GMO seeds. Penalizing the unsuspecting farmer who didn't choose GMO seeds is a sure way to stop other farmers from choosing Monsanto's products.

This kind of corporate bullying needs to stop.