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Be A Vigilante For the People, By the People, and Of the People (satire)

A common reaction to hyper-vigilance by the State is to stay at home.

It's more prudent to be vigilant of the State by observing what they do when they take down anyone who they suspect of terrorist activity.

Remember: agents of the State are State-sponsored terrorists when they terrorize the People. Agents of State terrorism light the fuse of tomorrow's global terrorists.

Choosing to stay home will lead to hikikomori.

People who never leave home tend to become so neurotic they think they have an anxiety disorder, or even a personality disorder.

Looking at four walls all day leads to cabin fever.

Get out and be vigilant of the State. It is not vigilanté-ism; it is the right of the People. So carefully observe the State.

Be a vigilanté for the People, by the People and of the People! Non-violent confrontation is allowable.

When the sheep look up, the wolves are already among us. When the wolves in sheep's clothing are exposed, stop being sheep and confront the wolves.

Or, you could stay at home and end up becoming hikikomori only to suddenly see your parents and/or loved ones hurt by your cowardice.

1 comment:

Radha Santadharma said...

This blog entry is hyperbole.

Be observant.

When we vote, we are the State.
When we are vigilant, we are the People.