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Dear Monotheists, Be it Christian, Jewish or Moslem

Your denial that Christianity is a syncretistic religion overlooked the fact that much of Christendom believes in the neo-Plastonic, and inherently pagan, concept of an immortal soul.

Truth is, nothing, not even the soul, lasts forever.

So my Buddhist truths make your holier-than-thou and anti-Nature view of man a form of terrorism.

The same goes for any monotheism that pretends good and evil are in eternal conflict. I have no apologies to fanatics from Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Your actions terrorized people in the past, and they continue to terrorize innocent people today throughout the world.

This is because of a positive acceptance of egotism, and because of it, Christians have fallen, Jews have been persecuted, and Muslims have burned embassies and killed ambassadors.

It is said that the greater jihad is not in killing the unbelievers but in controlling your desires.

Please meditate on what I have written before you reply.

A Buddhist

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Radha Santadharma said...

PS please note that I am not anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, or even anti-Muslim.

I am pointing out the flaw of incorporating the neo-Platonic concept of "immortal soul" without taking responsibility for the consequences of that (egotism, God-delusion, and associated fanaticism).

John 3:16 teaches that only those people who believe in Jesus Christ will have eternal life IN Heaven - not on Earth.