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Recent Events Prove State Terrorism Proven to be Mother of All Terrorism

The recent teenaged suicide in BC and the online mob forming along with the misinformation due to the cyber-bullies' hidden agenda is unsurprising. Likewise, the prostitution issue in a sleepy Eastcoast town only further proves my original generalization about terrorism.

It is proof that the State, be it police or other agents of the State, including those of the People who are willing to pay more taxes for more police and control of others of the People, does practice terrorism on the People.

However, we do not view it as terrorism because the State regulates the level of violence by its agents.

If any of the People go on to bully and terrorize others, then my contention that State terrorism is the mother of all terrorism is proven.

Yes, I am accusing both the cyberbullies and the agents of the State of terrorism: cyber-bullies are online terrorists when they harass any member of the People unmercifully to the point of suicide, and police and other agents of the State are agents of State terrorism when they shame a targeted sector of the People repeatedly.

Thus, when the sheep (the bullied and the sector of the People who passively watch the terrorism being acted out both online and in real life) look up, they should be aware that if their outrage to being terrorized results in the same kind of behavior as their bullies, their oppressers, and their handlers, then they too become bullies, too.

However, the continued dialogue is important as long as each and every person is able to use the forum of public opinion to air their side of this current war on online bullying.

For no one here is innocent, not even I.

1 comment:

Radha Santadharma said...

This too is hyperbole.

Violent non-state actors may threaten the People's security.

Be excellent to each other.