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7-11 Speak Out Works On Rogers Phones

Today I decided to get a 7-11 Speakout SIM card. Since I have an extra Rogers cellphone lying about, and know that Rogers phones work with the Speakout SIM without unlocking, I decided to register the card with Speakout.

This only took 20 minutes to do and check out the phone settings after registration.

The phone can receive text messages, but unfortunately I could not afford to get a voucher to top up minutes on the phone because the cheapest voucher is $25.

So that means I have my main Bell phone, my Virgin phone, my two Fido phones, and now a Speakout phone.

My two extra phones (Motorola W510 and LG Neon) are on Fido, which means they would need to be unlocked since a Rogers SIM wouldn't work in either phone.

Fido phones are locked because they use the Microcell network, which is owned by Rogers but were originally owned by Microcell when Fido first started out in

The Unofficial Speakout website is at

Howard's Forum has a 7-11 Speakout webpage at

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