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Amanda Todd Singing "Outside Looking In"

RIP Amanda Todd

RIP Amanda Todd

Suicide took away this talented girl's life. Yet the tributes in her memory will continue.

One day, the people who wished her dead will realize that their own death wish externalized led to her death.

Yes, that's right: a child's internal death wish is so terrifying that rather than admitting to having such a feeling, it seems safer to tell a person they do not like much that they wish another person dead.

This may be due to jealousy or horror over discovering the person they are bullying is doing something they disapprove of.

If Amanda Todd was sexually active, then it began with being dared by the stalker to flash her boobs at 12. Such sexual interference could lead to pressure to have sex with boys who may have received email from the stalker about her earlier exposure.

So, let's return to jealousy here. Perhaps the girls who bullied her were jealous of her early sexual experience because they would never dare do such a thing.

Thus, the pure and virginal may have called her crude name and other insults to compensate for their sexual innocence.

This indicates to me that good girls are able to be as rotten as the object of their derision. In even calling her names that they are innocent of being, they still stooped to her level.

Therefore as a society, with sex selling cars and the escapades of celebrities stars on TV, and movies exposing children to fictionalized violence, we adults have failed them.

Think of the names you want to call Paula Broadwell, the ex-lover of the former director of the CIA David Petraeus. For those of us who remember former President Bill Clinton, what did we think of Monica Lewinski?

We have many names for women of ill repute, and I'm not going to indulge in ad hominem insults which are sexist and hate-filled, and which cause other people to speak evil of such women. For that too would be stooping to the level of the person you are insulting.

Though I find it ironic that we cannot come up with many names to call men whose sex life began before they graduated from high school.

Indeed, by calling a person names, the people who hurl such insults are turning that person into someone less human than they are. Once that has happened, then it becomes easy to assault them.

As well, it becomes easier for boys to take advantage of her, because lacking friends, she'll sleep with any boy who asks to raise her low self esteem high enough to feel loved.

So this train of thought I have validates my earlier contention that the boy she slept with, which led to her being beat up by her best friend,most likely used the email sent by her stalker to pressure her to have sex with him.

Society failed Amanda and girls like her. Some of them grow up, older than their age, to be preyed upon by men and reviled by women. Remember this the next time you see someone bullied. Remember this too when you see a prostitute.

Yet I am sure a few members of society will deny what I have stated, perhaps forgetting how a girl in their class turned out "bad".

When good people act to put bad people in their place, I say good people have failed to act to reform those people.

For all people are people but the people who are better than others, and rub it in the faces of people they think beneath them, do so because they will get away with it. As for the people beneath them, the resultant loss of self esteem may turn them wayward.

However, I feel that it is the obligation of good people to aid the people they once thought were beneath them, to prevent them from enduring a life of hardship.

If anyone has no time for such an action, then it is true that once again, another girl dies because of our inhumanity.

I am reminded of a phrase: "Evil is when good people fail to act".

In the case of Amanda Todd and girls like her, even the chaste ones, her peers failed to act to prevent her demise. Each and every one of them are culpable, and more so culpable when they tell their next victim to die like Amanda Todd.

As for the alpha females, the reason why you hang with boys is you can outdrink them and they are too afraid to pressure you for sex because they fear your parents!

Anyways, I am all out of words to express my feelings on this topic.

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